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 Are you challenging me?

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Are you challenging me? Effy-3

Are you challenging me? Line2
Are you challenging me? Paw_print_clipart_4_1

Rebecca walked through the Resistence Headquarters confidently, casting small smiles every now and then at people she knew. Being the leader of the Resistence meant she was always busy but she always had time to make sure everyone was alright.

She entered the training room just outside her office, it smelled like sweat and the scent burnt it's way into her nose. Her werewolf senses just added to the problem by making the scent stronger and she wrinkled her nose at it.

She walked through the crowds of training people until she came across a boy she knew as Jarrod, he had the wrong attack position. She told him how he should stand and he grunted in reply. Just as she was about to go she heard him murmur something under his breath.

"What was that?" She asked, her werewolf senses had picked up his sentence but she wanted to make him say it out loud. "Nothing, Boss" He spat and the werewolf inside her growled, it wanted to lash out at him and tear him to peices but she had had years of experience at keeping her werewolf contained.

"Nothing? Really, because it sounded as if you were challenging my leadership" She said, the werewolf inside her growled after her sentence- making her threat even more scary. "No boss, I said nothing at all" He replied and she growled. Her growl echoed through the room, bouncing off the walls and making everyone inside stop what they were doing.

She lashed out at him with werewolf speed and knocked him over before pinning him to the ground. Not enough to hurt him too badly but enough to get her point through. "Next time, dont lie to me" She hissed before getting off him and getting up.

She was usually not mean, quite far from it actually, but when someone questioned her leadership or insulted her she was quick to try and prove them wrong.
Are you challenging me? Paw_print_clipart_4_1
Are you challenging me? Line2
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Are you challenging me?
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